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Mr. J. Walter Faulconer


Mr .J. Walter Faulconer is president of Strategic Space Solutions, which he founded in 2010 to help customers be more successful in strategic planning, win new business, and strengthen basic systems engineering and management practices for mission success. Walt was elected and serving as the Executive Vice President of the American Astronautical Society. He has served on the National Academy Steering Committee for the prioritization of NASA's Technology Roadmaps, NASA Commercial External Review Team, and NASA Constellation Program Standing Review Board.

Previously Walt was the Business Area Executive for Civilian Space at the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory. His responsibilities included managing all aspects of the Civilian Space Business Area which included over 500 scientists and engineers. Programs included the NASA New Horizons mission to Pluto, the MESSENGER mission to Mercury and the twin STEREO spacecraft to study the sun and the recently launched twin Radiations Belt Storm Probe satellites.

Prior to APL Walt served in various capacities for 26 years at Lockheed Martin. He was the Director for Space Exploration Business Development for Space Systems Company responsible for the business development for Space Exploration including: Shuttle Return to Flight, International Space Station, and Project Constellation–Crew Exploration Vehicle - Orion. Walt’s roles at Lockheed Martin included Director for the Space Transportation line of business, including Atlas and Titan launch vehicles, and Advanced Space Transportation. He also served as director of Strategic Planning and Development for Space Systems Company, responsible for leading the strategic planning and development team. Walt has spent his career in systems engineering, project management and business development capacities for civilian, national security and commercial space endeavors.

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