Fire Weather Research Working Group Members

Chair and SAB Member

Dr. John Snow - Dean, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences


Dr. Leo Andreoli - Director, Environmental System, Northrop Grumman, Space Technology
Mr. John Barborinas - SW Aviation and Fire Management, DOI Bureau of Indian Affairs
Dr. Ivan Csiszar - Associate Research Scientist, University of Maryland
Dr. Phil Cunningham - Assistant Professor, Florida State University
Mr. Pete Curran, Orange Co. (CA) Emergency Management
Dr. Francis Fujioka - Research Meteorologist, USDA Forest Service, Riverside
Dr. Scott Goodrick - Research Meteorologist, USDA Forest Service, Athens
Dr. Rodman Linn - Earth & Environmental Sciences Div, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dr. William (Ruddy) Mell - National Institute of Standards and Technology
Mr. Merrill Saleen - National Interagency Fire Center, Bureau of Land Management
Dr. Patrick Pagni - Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

Ex Officio/Reviewer

Dr. Stephen Pyne - Professor, Arizona State University

Noaa Liaison

Elliot Jacks - National Weather Service