Ecosystem Science Management Working Group Members


 Dr. Michael Castellini - University of Alaska, Fairbanks (second term ends 1/20)

Dr. Robert Johnston- Clark University (second term ends 1/20)

SAB Liaison:

Dr. Michael Donahue- AECOM


Dr. Erik Chapman - New Hampshire Sea Grant,University of New Hampshire (first term ends 7/22)

Dr. Jim Cowan - Louisiana State University (first term ends 12/19)

Dr. Selina Heppell - Oregon State University (first term ends 12/19)

Ms. Molly McCammon-Alaska Ocean Observing System (first term ends 2/21)

Dr. Jan Newton - University of Washington (first term ends 7/22)

Dr. Ed Parnell - University of California at San Diego (first term ends 12/19)

Dr. Kenneth Rose - University of Maryland (first term ends 7/22)

Dr. Robert Twilley - Louisiana State University (first term ends 7/22)

Dr. Lisa Wainger-University of Maryland, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (first term ends 2/21)