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Dr. Anthony Wu

President and CEO

Dr. Wu is President and CEO of AeroMarine, LLC where he provides revolutionary approaches and technical leadership for agile systems and for aviation and maritime
activities.  Several ongoing projects include 1) leading the U.S. development of a family of 3rd generation wing-in-surface effect vehicles under IMO guidelines using advanced materials and rapid prototyping manufacturing, 2) building affordable modular optionally piloted and unmanned marine vehicles, and 3) making an autonomous corridor for urban air mobility.  He is creating a few private coastal R&D sites near the Atlantic coast and Chesapeake Bay to rapidly field new vehicles and sensors, and to verify physics-based modeling and simulations (digital twins) in estuarine and coastal dynamics (wakes. wind, waves, tides, currents, coastlines) for maneuvering and low flying vehicles including autonomous craft.  Other activities include low altitude, high speed detection and tracking, sea skimming magnetic anomaly detection, and advanced microscale radar and spectral
imagery systems for aviation and maritime use.  

These activities add to 30 years’ experience with major federal advanced technology programs and their operations, ranging from spacecraft and aeronautics to submarines and deep submersibles, across NASA, the Department of Defense, and national intelligence agencies.  Dr. Wu initiated several successful critical U.S. programs, including weaponized drones (Predator/Reaper), the “Beast of Kandahar” stealth UAV (RQ-170), the reusable space plane (X-37B), and modification of the SSN-23 Jimmy Carter for multi-mission capabilities. Dr. Wu also served as principal investigator for an ocean surveillance NCRADA with SPAWAR on bioluminescence, intruder interdiction, and unmanned marine vehicles.  Dr. Wu has participated in development of national policy and in international negotiations regarding cooperation, competitiveness, and arms control. He served on the Hill, and has received a Presidential Distinguished Service Award, OMB Special Achievement and Performance Team Awards, particularly on Intelligence transformation and sustaining change in the Intelligence Community and National Defense Strategy, and several NASA Sustained Superior, Outstanding, and Team Performance Awards. 

He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering on large advanced technology systems (1983), MS in Industrial Engineering – Engineering Management (1979), Masters (1977) and BS in Mechanical Engineering (1974) from University of Houston, Houston, Texas. 

He is a pilot, experimental aircraft and watercraft builder, and formerly a martial arts instructor and member of the U.S. Canoe and Kayak Marathon Team.  He is outfitting a small USCG research vessel, the RV Endeavour (filed), with high speed 3D sonar and other innovative sensors, and for launch and recovery of marine vehicles, currently based on the Potomac.  He is serving on the board of the Potomac River Keepers Network, facilitating remote indications and warnings of adverse water quality in regional waterways.