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Current Meeting Documents

SAB reports found here under Meeting Documents are the DRAFT versions.  Final versions of all reports can be found in the Report Library.

Materials from past SAB meetings can be found here.
Meeting Documents for March 2024 SAB Meeting

Consent Calendar

Review of Action Items from November 2023 SAB Meeting

NOAA Update

NOAA Science Update

SAB Environmental Information Services Working Group (EISWG) Annual Report to Congress

NOAA Response to the SAB Environmental Information Services Working Group (EISWG) Radar Gaps Report

Presentation on Reputational Risk

NOAA Response to the SAB Climate Working Group (CWG) Review of the Climate Program Office Strategic Plan

NOAA Response to the SAB Data Archive and Access Requirements Working Group (DAARWG) Report on the NESDIS Common Cloud Framework (NCCF)

SAB Report on Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

SAB Tsunami Science and Technology Advisory Panel (TSTAP) Annual Report and White Paper on Complicated Water Ways

SAB Artificial Intelligence (AI) Steering Committee