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Dr. Elizabeth Weatherhead

Senior Scientist and Fellow

Dr. Betsy Weatherhead had a long and productive academic career before joining Jupiter in 2017 where she currently serves as Senior Scientist and Fellow. She has published over 100 peer reviewed papers and reports, including co-authoring IPCC Reports on Arctic climate change, Arctic Monitoring Assessment Program’s international reports,and EPA assessments of changes in ultraviolet radiation and both UNEP and IGAC reports on ozone. Known for her expertise in environmental statistics, her techniques are used world-wide in assessing environmental trends. A highlight of her academic career was having her work on the ozone layer featured on the cover of Nature.

Dr. Weatherhead is an expert in Earth observations with publications on surface, in situ and satellite observations, particularly in the context of long-term changes. She has advised on WMO’s ozone and UV radiation and is a current advisor on ECMWF’s Copernicus Climate Change Service. She was an early adopter of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, overseeing efforts to measure ice melt in Greenland and identifying seal populations on Arctic ice. She currently is working with international colleagues to help plan a more effective climate observing system.

The American Meteorological Society has recognized Dr. Weatherhead for her contributions on helping improve US weather forecasts. As the founder and first chair of the AMS’ Forecast Improvement Group, she helped identify appropriate roles for public, private and academic sectors in providing the best information and services to the end users. She is continuing those efforts at identifying appropriate sector roles and relationships for climate services. Dr. Weatherhead’s appreciation of the value of climate information has her collaborating with economists on economic issues and leading webinars on the economic value of weather and climate information for her environmental scientist colleagues.